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Disrespecting / Annoying admins
  • If you disrespect an admin, they can ban, kick or mute you accordingly. If you feel you were treated unfairly by an admin, contact Stuffing with screenshot evidence to show what happened.
  • If you ask an admin to tp to you for some random bullshit that doesn't matter, that's annoying, we can punish you.
  • If you constantly send admins messages or copy/paste the same message over and over, that's annoying we can punish you.
  • If you demand an admin friend you on steam over and over, that's annoying we can punish you.
  • If you whine like a bitch, that's annoying we can punish you.
  • If you just in general taunt admins or ask for them to use commands on you, that's annoying we can punish you.

Trading / Scamming
  • Scamming is a bannable offense (a scam is if you switch out items on somebody so that you get their items and they don't get what they were expecting to receive from you. Or if you lie about the price of an item to somebody to get a good deal with them)
  • Going back on a bet (like saying you will pay a scrap to the other person if they beat you, or saying: "first person to type [X] gets my items!" and then not paying them their prize) IS CONSIDERED SCAMMING.
  • Sharking (getting items off new players for less than their worth because the new players don't know their price) is a bannable offense.

Spamming / Trolling / Being an asshole
  • Spamming the text chat with the same messages over and over (even if they're trade offers) is considered spam and will result i neither a gag, a kick or a ban.
  • Mic Spam covers a variety of things, playing music through the mic CAN be considered mic spam, talking excessively or loudly can be considered mic spam, and high-pitched voices ARE MIC SPAM, admins can mute, kick or ban you for any of these things.
  • Trolling people by making fun of them can be a bannable offense, as can being a massive asshole.
  • Ruining conga lines in designated areas (killing people doing it) can be kickable and bannable if you're asked not to. (yes seriously). The designated area for conga lines is the pool.
The Boxing arena (melee arena)
  • The melee arena is the room in which the boxing ring is in, AND THE TWO SAFE ROOMS AT EITHER SIDE OF IT!
  • Only melee weapons (and specific secondaries/primaries) are allowed in the arena.
  • All melee weapons (excluding the ullapool caber) are allowed.
  • Both shields (the charin' targe and the splendid screen) are allowed.
  • The sticky jumper and rocket jumper are allowed.
  • Tauntkills are allowed (except the pyro one which shoots the flaregun).
  • Halloween spells are not allowed.
  • All RTD are allowed (except spawn sentry or spawn dispenser).
  • Engineer buildings are not allowed.
  • NO FORM OF OVERHEAL (except lucky sandvich) IS PERMITTED IN THE ARENA. Finally, mediguns are allowed to be used as long as ONLY THE RIGHT CLICK IS USED so if you get the ubercharge from the ubersaw, you can activate it with fight trigger, but not give it to anyone else or overheal anyone else for it.
  • No shooting guns on the buttons in the little rooms on the side of the arena IT'S STILL A GUN, AND YOU'RE SHOOTING IT.

  • Sentries are not allowed inside enemy spawns.
  • Sentries are not allowed within range of a portal exit, so that they can shoot people straight away as they go through a portal.
  • Sentries are not allowed anywhere along the parkour puzzles.
  • Sentries are allowed everywhere else.

Additional things
  • If the server is completely full, and you're a f2p (free to play) don't be surprised if you get kicked, it's a TRADE server.
  • If you try to impersonate an admin or member of staff you are not, you're gonna have a bad time.
  • If you don't like people cursing on the mic, that's your problem. (you're playing a fucking "Mature" rated game supposed to be for people of age 17+ so if you think that people shouldn't swear because you're only 10 years old, go cry elsewhere).
  • Spawncamping ISN'T against the rules, it can be easily countered if you don't suck dick.
  • The use of /colorme, /rocketme and /resizemyhead are NOT ALLOWED by anyone except staff and donators. If you get caught using it, you will be warned, kicked, and (after excessive use) banned. (Yes, we know it's stupid that you can use it when you're not supposed to be able to, so if you mention this to us, you can go fuck yourself with the boston basher).
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