Minecraft Server Updates - 11/9/2019

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Made the following commands default:
  • /back - Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.
  • /cleaninventory - sorts the inventory for a chest
  • /cleaningitem - setItem - allows you to shift + right click to sort inventory
  • /craft - Opens up a workbench.
  • /enderchest - Lets you see inside an enderchest for storage.
  • /sethome - Set your home to your current location. Access to 3 locations.
  • Colored signs and custom formatting, use built-in minecraft color codes and formatting codes to customize your signs.
  • XP deposit commands for regulars

    /xpd deposit- Deposits xp to the storage
    /xpd withdraw - Withdraws xp from the storage
    /xpd balance- Shows you the amount of stored xp
    /xpd balancetop- Shows top 10 players with highest balance
    /xpd give - Gives the xp to another player.
Not open for further replies.