IMPORTANT Minecraft Server Rules

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General Rules:
  1. No scamming.
  2. No advertising of any form.
  3. Do not discuss / use hacks, mods, or threats of any kind.
  4. No spamming.
  5. No obsessive profane language.
  6. No impersonation.
  7. No inappropriate builds.
  8. Be respectful of all other players
  9. Do not exploit bugs or glitches of any kind and be sure to report them on the forums or to staff.
  10. Racism is not allowed.
  11. No bypassing AFK restrictions.
  12. Excessive AFKing may result in punishment.
  13. No auto-mining of any form.
  14. No abusing Alternate Accounts
  15. Do not discuss politics, religions, or any sensitive topics in general chat.
  16. No PvP logging.
  17. No inappropriate skins, capes, account names or nicknames.
  18. No pushing people into PvP to kill them
  19. X-Ray is not allowed.
  20. No griefing.
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