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User name: jujubear175

In-Game Name jujubear175

Time Online or In-Game 4:00-5:00 PM. I cannot go on sunday and saturday. I also may not come on holidays and wednesday and thursday.

Why are you applying to become a Minecraft admin? I like commands and I like to build minigames. I also like to tinker around with game mechanics. I want to do is make a few minigames (mostly). I also want to learn new things like how the server works, and how the portals to the TOWN

What do you like most about MGGN? The towns and the way you can build on them, and the plugins that the server uses is cool! I also like that the server is a small server with many possibilities, such as minigames to build parkour to make and buildings to design are all possible on this server since it has not been done yet.

Drink of Choice? FANTA because I like orange juice and Fanta is orange juice CARBONATED.

Anything else you'd like to say My last admin application was bland, so I decided to add more to it to see if I would finally become an admin (that builds minigames).
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