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    Minecraft Server Updates - 11/9/2019

    Made the following commands default: /back - Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp. /cleaninventory - sorts the inventory for a chest /cleaningitem - setItem - allows you to shift + right click to sort inventory /craft - Opens up a workbench. /enderchest - Lets you see inside an...
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    ummm why was my aplication denied?

    Not available enough @Lemmy_
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    Barely watched it but good first couple episodes.
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    TF2 Trade Server Updates - 9/2/2019

    Changed tags to be colored + signs. An aqua + means Owner. A dark red + means Admin. A light green + means Mod. Changed advertisements to only show a new one every 90 seconds instead of 30. Changed advertisement messages. Welcome (player) to the Trade Server! Suggestions? Leave a...
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    [Minecraft] Market Stalls

    We can talk about re-doing it more at some point
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    [Minecraft] Market Stalls

    Don't know how we'd add this
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    APPROVED Lemmy_'s Minecraft Admin Application

    Approved to Helper role, just to upset Harrison.
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    APPROVED Raikou Falconer's Minecraft Admin Application

    Approved to Helper role.
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    DENIED goblinazz's Minecraft Admin Application

    Denied at this time, user wants to be VIP more than Helper.
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    IMPORTANT Staff List

    Owner Stuffing98 (Stuffing) Co-Owner Th3Amaz1ngMe (Guru) __McMUFFIN (McLovin) Admin Virdusk (Aurelius) Mod Helper RaikouTL
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    IMPORTANT Staff List

    Owner Stuffing ( Admin Crayon ( Dauntless ( Yoshi ( Mod Binkvideo...
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    Are we allowed to advertise our shop in game?

    I'd prefer you end up buying a plot at the market and build a shop there instead.
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    EVENT Double XP Weekend (8/16-8/18)

    The plugin for acrobatics, herbalism etc. Mob hunting and normal vanilla XP should still be normal but your leveling for mining, woodcutting and excavating will be 2x.
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    Minecraft - Potatoes at Market

    Potato quantity upped to 16.
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    Minecraft - Add Berries to Market

    Added, made them the same price and quantity as potatoes.
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    Glad to hear!

    Glad to hear!
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    Minecraft Server Updates - 8/10/2019

    Changes: Modified welcome message to contain what # the user is when joining server. Modified voting message. Removed ColoredSigns plugin, instead using Essentials built-in functionality. Updated Rules + Info shack in-game to have colored signs. Updated /rules commands. Added /rtp command to...
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    Sorry, didn't see this till today. Hopefully you saw the event and were able to join in!

    Sorry, didn't see this till today. Hopefully you saw the event and were able to join in!